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Custom manufactured countertops

All the stone you could ever want. When it comes to choosing the right material for your kitchen counters—or bathroom vanities, for that matter—it's not just which stone is fancier or which is the cheapest: there are a lot of implications with each choice. But it usually comes down to the three big rocks: quartz, marble, granite.

Take a chip off the old block. 



Granite is what's called an intrusive igneous rock: it's basically lava, which is pretty badass. It's hard, durable, heat- resistant and you can even stain it if you want to make it look really fancy. It’s a material that’s super resistant to scratches and abrasions. With granite, you’ll usually have fewer options in terms of look and it's easier to chip off corners of the slab.



Although quartz is a natural mineral, the quartz in countertops is a manufactured stone. It’s a harder material than granite and not porous which makes it much more durable. It's also easy to clean. However, quartz can be damaged by heat so don't go placing your hot pans directly on it. It also tends to be more expensive than granite.

Popular options: Light beige quartz — grey quartz — tan quartz



Most people expect marble to be the most expensive material—and it definitely can be—but it’s not necessarily the case. Marble is a metamorphic rock, which means a rock (in this case limestone) that has transformed over time due to immense pressure or heat. Marble looks stunning, like you're the master of an ancient Roman villa. But it's also high maintenance, like an ancient Roman villa.

But it sure looks gorgeous.

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Provide your project—whether it's indoors or outdoors—with a beautiful, durable finish that's easy to maintain and that makes your guests notice. In every good way.


Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is made of clay and other natural earth products that are hardened by applying intense heat. The finish which is fired into the clay is permanent and never fades. Ceramic tiles come in an unlimited number of colours, patterns and finishes and will compliment any decor. And because ceramic tile is not porous, it is very low maintenance and does not require any special treatment other than regular cleaning. Plus, it will last 100 years.


Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is a specialized type of a ceramic. An extremely hard, dense, shiny material that's found in toilets and teeth, porcelain is beautiful, durable, easy to clean and low maintenance. It works well for virtually any residential or commercial application from swimming pools to tub enclosures and floors. Being available in a wide assortment of colours and textures, it will fit into any decor.


Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles, as opposed to digital stone tiles, can be made from a variety of natural stones, like slate, granite, limestone and even marble. They provide a distinctive and elegant look to any space, infusing it with a natural beauty. Durable and reliable, natural stone will weather whatever force you throw at it, all while simply sitting there, looking gorgeous.

It's not enough to install a new countertop and make your kitchen look all pretty on day one. You’ve got to care for it properly too so it lasts, survives every kind of spill, tumble and chop and still looks like new when future archeologists excavate your home in the 34th century.

Bulletproof Sealer

Provides maximum protection against the toughest oil and water-based stains. Our new, advanced formula bonds with your stone to improve wear resistance.


Our flagship cleaner. Easily and safely removes soils while reinforcing protection for easy cleaning. This can be re-filled for $10 when you bring the bottle back to us.

Oil Stain Remover

Pulls out the toughest, deep set-in stains.